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Support for International Patients

Thank you for choosing Koto Memorial Hospital in Japan for your medical treatment.
We are a world-class medical facility located in the middle of Japan, near Kyoto city.
Kyoto City is surrounded by mountains in Western Honshu, and seems to have a reputation worldwide as Japan's most beautiful city.
Your first impression may be of the urban city of central Kyoto, surrounded by tall glass and steel skyscrapers with modern architecture, but the persistent tourist will soon be one to discover the effort and painstaking time it takes to see Kyoto's hidden beauty is worth every bit.
Discover Kyoto's hidden beauty in the temples and parks which ring the city center, and find that the city has much more than immediately meets the eye.
Our hospital is located just within a hour drive from Kyoto city.
In order to make things as convenient as possible during your stay at Koto Memorial Hospital, we will take care of as much of your travel arrangements as you would like.
Depending on your preferences, we can meet you in a limousine or specially equipped vehicle at the airport, or you may make your own arrangements.
If you have special medical requirements during travel or if you will be traveling with a companion, please let us know so we may make proper arrangements.
If you are an international visitor, we will arrange all the necessary paperwork in order to facilitate a smooth transition through passport control and customs.
If you wish to travel with friends or family, we may be able to arrange accommodation for your loved ones at preferred rates at nearby hotels.
We realize that the last thing you will want on your arrival is stress, so please allow us to shoulder this strain for you.
We currently have accepted patients from South East Asia, North America and South America. If you would like to know more about how we can help you with your important arrangements, kindly drop an e-mail to our international patient liaison department on:

>> Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
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