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Endovascular Treatment

Endovascular treatment is a type of therapy that does not involve craniotomy. It can treat conditions including cerebrovascular disorders and brain tumors by inserting a tubal instrument called a catheter from the groin area to the blood vessel in the head using an X-ray fluoroscopy. Since it is less invasive than a general craniotomy, it can be done on patients who cannot tolerate craniotomy or who have other conditions such as heart disease.

”Brain Aneurysm Treatment
An instrument called platinum coil is packed inside the brain aneurysm to prevent the rupture.

”Treatment for Carotid, Intracranial Angiostenosis
Treatment for vascular stenosis caused by arteriosclerosis includes using an instrument called a balloon catheter (balloon) to expand the affected area of the stenosis, or embedding a stent (tubal/metal) to secure the bloodstream.

”Target Diseases
Ebrain aneurysm
Ecerebral arteriovenous malformation
Ecerebral infraction (acute stage)
Edural arteriovenous fistula
Ecervical internal carotid artery stenosis
Treatment for Brain Aneurysm
Pre-treatment Post-treatment
Treatment for Internal Carotid Artery Stenosis
Pre-treatment Post-treatment

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