The Neurosurgery Center
The Neurosurgery Center
 Multiple treatment options are available for the diseases of the brain and spinal cord. In order to determine the most appropriate therapy, comprehensive review is necessary. At the Neurosurgery Center, we offer various treatment options for central nervous system diseases.
  〜Number of cases treated since 2005〜
   ・Brain Tumor over 2,000 cases
   ・Cerebral Aneurysm/Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformation over 400 cases
   ・Hemifacial Spasm/Trigeminal Neuralgia over 400 cases
   ・Spinal Cord Disease Over 100 cases
Center Overview Trigeminal Neuralgia sp_prosopalgia
Hemifacial Spasm Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia Brain Tumor
Cerebral Aneurysm/Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformation Endovascular Therapy
Gamma Knife Surgery Spinal/Spinal Cord Disease

Subarukai Koto Memorial Hospital, Department of Neurosurgery Takuro Inoue Hisao Hirai
2-1 Hiramatsu-cho, Higashiomi-shi, Shiga, Japan TEL +81 749-45-3177
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The Neurosurgery Center

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